Thomas Gut has more than 25 years of management experience in private companies as well as in public organizations.

Since 2001 Thomas has worked as a consultant taking assignments as a mentor and workshop moderator mainly in the area of management, project leadership and efficiency.

Thomas works as a:
• Moderator in a structured workshop on strategic issues and improvements in business and government organizations
• Advisor to managers and project leaders
• Manager-For-Hire and
• Moderator in workshops on feedback and team cooperation

Workshop on strategic issues and improvements
This is a structured approach illuminating a companys' mission, the expectations of its customers and other interested parties, its critical success factors and its business processes. These factors are combined and assessed in a way that clearly indicates relevant strategic activities for future success.

Advisor to managers and project leaders
This mentorship focusing on leadership and efficiency issues in relation to company goals and operative demands.

Manager-For-Hire and

This is a temporary assignment e.g. covering a management time gap, handling a complicated change in an organization or meeting the need for creating an efficient leadership role to be taken over by a permanent manager later on.

Moderator in workshops on feedback and cooperation
This is a discussion and training in feedback, team cooperation and conflict management.

Before becoming a consultant, some of Thomas' employments have been

-CIO in one of the Swedish University Hospitals (Karolinska Hospital)

-Department manager for foreign securities in one of Swedens' biggest commercial banks (SEB)

-Project Leader in Swedens' governmental authority for efficient administration (Swedish Agency For Public Management)

Contact information
Phone: +46 704 84 12 03

Some customers
IVA (The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences)

McCain Foods (Fast Food Company)

Botkyrka Kommun (Municipality administration)

Systembolaget (Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly)

Bristol-Myers Squibb (International Pharmaceuticals Company)

... and several others

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